• Life is just like This

    I married a girl from China and Life is just like This

    We don’t always ‘get-it’ but we love the video (click)


    About how other people don’t ‘get-it’ too!

    Did you say ‘Crypto-Currency’? What’s that, you can’t touch it, see it, sense it in any way… but it’s worth a fortune and is soon to take over from the mighty Dollar?

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  • Share Something This Christmas

    With all the battles and competitions between the peoples of this world; their teams; their armies and their religions, little time is set aside for sharing and caring.


    Let’s enjoy a sensible break from all the aggression aimed at each other. Better still, let’s stop these wars altogether and create a lasting protection for peace.

    Perhaps we should introduce major change to our institutions, perhaps replacing the United Nations Organization with something that binds all leaders together and stands for honour, sacrifice and undivided spirit instead of a faceless, nationalistic structure that operates without personal sacrifice and has little authority to act.

    Introducing the concept of a new body, representing all people of the world:

    UCCAB – UniversaL Commitment to Civilized and Accountable Behaviour

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  • Universal Skeptic and Cosmic Entrepreneur

    Nobody is just one thing or another, we all have a bit of everything buried in our soul.

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  • Good Gossip Questions

    Here below we have a series of seemingly random gossip questions and some support information with each. It makes great reading if you like a ‘lucky-dip’ approach to discovering facts about any old gossip, including the latest systems and solutions to everyday problems … in dazzling colours!

    Just so you know, I have an unashamed policy of placing an affiliate link at HEADINGS   so that you can find more detail and an opportunity to purchase if you wish. You should know that I will earn a percentage of the sale price via that affiliate link but it’s the vendor who pays me for my efforts… not you! (Thank you anyway)

    Now I’ll leave you in peace to browse and enjoy these informal surroundings and, of course, the good gossip questions with intriguing answers and solutions.

    What Did Authors Do Before Kindle Was Invented?

    There’s nothing wrong with real books but you have to admit that the Amazon Kindle Product has taken the book world by storm! So much so that eBook sales are well outstripping paper ones and it means that there are huge opportunities for budding authors who would otherwise be at the mercy of those old fashioned publishers. That’s all changing now, anyone who wants to get their books published can do it without having to wait years and be disappointed over again. Nowadays, you can simply do it yourself using this fantastic system called KindlePublishing System

    Why Choose a Wireless Spy Camera?

    Here’s the setting… Using a wireless spy camera, you want to capture something or someone on video for a specific reason that is very important to you.

    someone on video for a specific reason that is very important to you anymore than you do choosing… Read >

    Is Cell Phone Spying Easy To Do?

    Nowadays cell phone spying is easy to perform and available to anyone who wants this capability – including you and me.

    Before I go into how one can easily eavesdrop on any mobile unit, let’s see how far we’ve progressed in mobile surveillance technology… Read >

    See through camera let you see it all – should it be legal?

    See through cameras are on store shelves right now as we speak.

    Before we ask a few good gossip questions and talk about these, here’s the dilemma…

    While these cameras allow Law Enforcement to see through black windows, which is a great capability as they investigate a wide range o… Read >

    Beware The Ipod. Is Undetectable Corporate Espionage A Reality?

    Your ipod and many other mp3 players are a soon-to-be corporate nightmare for many big or high potential companies.


    Firstly, let me say later on in this article you will be in for two big surprises that may affect many businesses around the wo… Read >

    How Can I choose a good spy shop to buy spy equipment from?

    Whether you are looking to buy hidden cameras, hidden microphones or any other type of surveillance gear, what you want is to buy from a good spy shop.

    And I know many are concerned with this.
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    3 Bluetooth Weaknesses. Is there a Bluetooth Weapon The FBI is Worried About

    Bluetooth may become an headache for law enforcement.

    Some of the bluetooth technology security issues are commonly known – but one (see #2) is something almost no one knows about.

    The FBI knows about this “blue weapon” and it is pretty worried for… Read >

    Can I Finally Find Cell Phone Numbers I am Looking For

    If you want to find cell phone numbers, there are several options available to you.

    While there is certainly no guarantee you will find the particular number you are looking for, if you put in the time and effort there’s a good chance you will.

    The … Read >

    Skiers: Do You Know 5 Reasons To Come and Ski Here At Mont Tremblant?

    Skiing in Mont Tremblant Quebec offers some of the best in the area.

    If you are a skier, then you have many reasons to come and visit this location. As you will see, it offers many benefits to the skier, but there are additionally many other activities … Read >

    Do You Know How to Erase a Hard drive Completely?

    You definitely need way to erase your hard drive completely.

    Your hard drive is being used within your computer to record all the things that you are doing on the web? If you are worried about the websites that you have visited, the movies you have … Read >

    Do You Know 3 Ways You can find Cell Phone Numbers?

    How to find Cell Phone Numbers

    There are many options when you want to find cell phone numbers on the Internet. Although none of them are guaranteed, with a little bit of work, and a lot of luck, you might find the cell number that you’re looking for.
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    Did You Know That To Ensure Computer Privacy Delete Internet Explorer History?

    Be sure you delete Internet Explorer history files if you don’t want anybody knowing what you’ve been doing on the Internet, especially asking good gossip questions!

    What’s that, you ask?

    With Internet Explorer open, click on the History icon. It’s located to the right of the Favorites i… Read >

    Do You Know How to Easily Find an Address by Phone Number?

    Finding an address by phone number is a great tool to know about if you ever need to search for someone.

    Private detectives use this technology to help them locate missing persons and now you can too.

    How It Works
    This appropriately-name technology… Read >

    Do You Know The 6 Factors for Purchasing the Right Spy Camera?

    Wireless spy cameras let you easily see whatever you want to see and finally at an affordable price!

    You can now get the evidence you want with sophisticated, super small spy cameras. From cheating spouse to the nanny and children, a spy cam can see it… Read >

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