About Harry And His Cosmic Solutions

I’m Harry Wright, author of ‘Universal Skeptic and Cosmic Entrepreneur’ a post on this blog that I wrote to help you make a rapid fortune!

A bit of a joker in some ways but a highly sensitive and trusted adviser in others; I make money hand over fist most days and plan to do it for the rest of my life because I love my ‘job’…not really a job, apart from the fact that I work hard.

“If you are interested enough to succeed, you will certainly work hard to make a difference to your lifestyle”… That’s what I think and it works for me.

Yes, I’m interested in most things and most people, mainly because I learn so much from mixing with others. When I’m learning, I’m happy. When I’m applying what I’ve learned, I’m even happier! (click picture for more)

Currently, I’m trying to fix this website since I downloaded the latest version of the software!! Wish I had left it with the old version. Hey Ho!! That’s life.

Really enjoying this retirement thingy; never been so relaxed about waking up in the morning and deciding what I’d like to do every day! I still get up early and I still work longer than anyone else in the universe BUT I enjoy what I’m doing – otherwise I wouldn’t do it, would I? (more about me).

Anyhow, that’s who I am and that’s what I’m up to currently. However, as you might expect, there’s  more to sample7me than just making money; I’m also a happy Daddy with two boys and a daughter who is also a good friend because she’s nearly the same age as myself…not really, but she’s rapidly catching me up!

I think I’m on my 4th, or is it my fifth marriage career with this money making adventure and I’ve never been happier!! I like it when I’ve got lots of work to do, especially if there’s someone to talk with. A ‘people’ person, I thrive on chatting and being friendly with all living souls.

So give me a call on 44 07714 222 358 if you want to sell me something or you just want to talk about yourself and what YOU are up to  – tell me ANYTHING and I will listen (promise)!
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