Change Management

sample2Change Management is a discipline within the whole world of Change. Everything and everybody is changing over time and so is our appreciation and understanding of what change means and how we need to manage it.

Would you like to belong to a world that wasn’t evolving and developing? So why do we dislike having to change our habits or what we think about when confronted with new plans to build an airport next to out home!   What about moving house to live next door to people who have a different colour, culture and religion? And why should we think that proposed change is likely to end up as a failure?

It must have something to do with the way we were brought up as children and what we have read about and talked about with colleagues and friends. Maybe there is something in our genes that won’t allow us to evolve too quickly in case we convert into a new species before our parents die!!? Imagine that!! Before dinner you were a little boy; after dinner you turn into a penguin! Mum and Dad would be so frantic looking for you that they might forget to feed their new pet penguin – disastrous!


OK, it’s not all that bad because it has taken us a few million years to evolve – but change issample4 still too fast for some people. So it’s not the change so much as the speed at which it impacts what we are used to- our habits etc. Now that’s a great situation to qualify for MANAGEMENT. Human change needs managing; business change needs managing; all kinds of change needs managing if it has a high impact on the person, their well-being or lifestyle. Let’s see if change can actually be managed?


Take the marriage of two people. Big CHANGE for each individual – daily routines; eating and sleeping, shopping and travel… all of these can be positive with the right attitude, bringing mutual benefits. Can it be managed to bring about this favourable outcome? YES, of course. Will it happen with the same degree of benefits to both if there is no give and take or compromise… NO!

So what does management of change involve? It is easy to say but difficult to do… it involves good and persuasive communication; all about understanding the change Gossip-Girl.jpgoutcome, the process, timing and feelings. In the case of our ‘marriage’ example, it also involves that special feeling we call LOVE. A useful definition for love in this case is “something that you can’t hear, see, touch or smell but it has a huge impact on how we feel for each other”. No wonder young people in love sometimes look confused! Its power extends to suffering pain in order to make the person you love, HAPPY! When that works both ways, you have the catalyst for effective change!


What am I saying? Does it mean that we have to learn to love anyone and everyone involved in the change that affects us? Does it mean that we have to suffer pain in order to get something good? And what happened to the option where you have to suffer pain in order to get something WORSE!!? OMG, this is complex… or is it? The only complexities are feelings. There is a logic and a practical way of learning how to manage change. There are set methods and useful techniques all laid out for us to use whenever change comes knocking at the door. It’s not difficult because it can be learned with a steady approach and a step-by-step guide – just like many other subjects.


If you want to change your hair-style, you don’t need me to help you. However, if you sample6would like to creatively improve your business performance or even start up in business… I’m your Dude!! Call me to discuss or physically help out with any aspect of Change Management and I’ll be ringing your door-bell before you can recite ‘Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper’.


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