Employment For Everyone


Swirling unemployment and unrest has hit the world many times in the last century – currently it stays close the surface but we can see the trend tilting towards a new state of … Employment For Everyone!

Yes, it seems unreal but the internet allows us to do what we want regarding useful employment and adopting a value-driven existence.


Take a look out there in the far reaches of space, light-years from our planet Earth – to where humans have never ventured thus far; imagine how easy it would be, even with today’s technology, to communicate with each other on adjacent rocks no more than about 10 million miles apart? Imagine the amount of opportunity facing all of us if we had a ‘Cosmo-net’ to place advertisements for others to use and play with?


Online advertising won’t go away as long as there are people to intercept messages from each other and make offerings… even if it is only to visit your new NEXT  DOOR NEIGHBOURS!!

I’m sure they’ll be so pleased, if not a bit surprised to see you!!

KILROY                                        Neighbours are happy

10 Million miles is nothing these days with our latest space probe ranging close to a nebulous rock-form after, what is it, 20 years of journey time from Europe? It is about to land on a slippery surface and attempt to hold on to it.


Huge amounts of money and analysis will be exercised before we can safely say that a new employment office is to be set up for all the visitors to ‘ZURG’ from planet earth. Our visitors are keen to get some money in the bank after a long journey from their previous workplace! Let’s face it, who would fancy the return journey back to work, cooped-up in one of those stuffy space ships with nowhere for the kids to play for twenty years?!!


You might be asking the question, “Why would you need money if you are so far from home?” Well, that’s the point, this IS their new home… just like emigrating to Australia, you have to leave things behind and start afresh to get some cash together!

Just Landed Hello Visitors!

So, you arrived last Friday and you have spent the weekend unpacking! Now it’s Monday morning and you are programmed to set off up the motorway and clock-in before 9 am. However, before you rush into anything, please note that there are no motorways – not even minor roads on this new planet of yours… but here’s your NEW BOSS!! – Doesn’t it look cute? Hey, and what shall we call it… our new home- planet, that is!!?


HOLD TIGHT!!  Don’t get all tied up in a ‘normal’ JOB again with A BOSS THING!!

With a kind of hindsight and a reasonable level of space-age education, you can get started with all the tasks ready for you to take on… all of them!! You look around and count your fellow passengers on two hands – you have a whole new world to set up from scratch! As I see it, you will have full Employment For Everyone for as long as you live.

Here’s a great incentive to Be the FIRST on your new planet to offer this kind of deal!!