Royal Baby’s Name

Kate and William are having a great time choosing the names for their little boy!!  Their feelings are no different from those of all other parents, worldwide, during this exciting time in July 2013. I have to admit there seems to be a lot of interest being shown in the naming of the little chap, but that’s probably due to the media not having the inside information that I have (I’ll tell you in a moment)!

OK, lots of things WILL be different from the moment the little boy is presented to his grandparents and great grandparents… hope it’s not too exciting for the aging Duke of Edninburgh, he might not be able to cope, especially when the formal method of announcing the names is so long and drawn out. Why can’t the mum and dad just be allowed to provide the names on a slip of paper and simply tell the world.

‘Alexander’ ,’Philip, ‘George’ and  ‘Henry’ were leaked to me after I did a bit of research on the likely names…  but I have to say that I really can’t be sure they will come out of the hat on the day! I can only just about accept and understand that these names would serve as links with the past and the present day extended Royal Family.

If it is George, it will signify the strength and growth our nation experienced many years ago under the various Georges – something we could really do with today… without the Empire trappings of course! This would rejuvunate the flagging economy and kick-start the political will to go out and conquer the business deals needed for a complete recovery. ‘Philip’ would build a spirit or dynamic ‘Can-Do’ into the nation, just when it’s needed most.

The name ‘Philip’ is embedded in royal circles through association with our current Queen Elizabeth, it would give the establishment a modern boost and a great recognition of the hard supportive work Prince Philip has done for over 60 years. Having been a great husband of the Queen, Philip’s character has been  a breath of fresh air to Royal matters for all those years. Realistically, he doesn’t have many years to go before he must hang up his boots; it would be a nice touch to see him recognised while he still has time to play with his little, great grand-son.

There are some who would be against the name ‘David’ as the first name because it doesn’t have  a long tradition. However, David Beckham believes it would work so why not give it a try?  Afterall, didn’t Victoria have something to do with a few dresses Kate wore recently…  and please don’t forget how well David manages to bend a ball into the back of the net!  So you have a double influence with the  Beckhams – Victoria, through her undeniable success in fashion, design of the new baby Range Rover and her amazing strength to bring up four boys while hanging on the arm of her husband David for about 14 years! And David because he is a mate of William after the Olympic bid project.

Anyway, I digress; Do you really think that Kate and William have had the peace and quiet to sit at home to go through all the baby-name books? Do you think that the Queen might have had a say in the choice of names herself and, if so, who would dare come up with another choice?

I can imagine Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip writing down some favourites, cutting them into small slips of paper and rolling them into tiny balls before placing them into a silk bag with a draw-string at the top; giving them a good old shake before they each take out two names and consider their selections! Well, what would you do if you were the Queen of the British Commonwealth and head of state in over 15 countries, and you had to represent your influence over 50 or so countries across the globe. Would you consult each head of state and ask them to justify their choice of name for a baby boy who might be king in a few years time? I doubt it!

Something has just made me realise that You might not have heard about the gender of the new baby! I have been assuming you heard the same news that I heard while I was doing my research. Obviously I can’t say where my source of information came from but I will say that when I heard it, I was not a bit surprised – I had already decided that the new baby was a boy! Well, isn’t it obvious to you when you look at the parents? Try to imagine them with a little girl, following in the steps of William and Harry… No! Now try to imagine a little boy with Kate and the proud father looking on, even holding him in a simple white shawl (probably designed by Victoria Beckham) for the millions of pictures that will be flashed around the world… and what about his names?

Look, my whole reputation hangs on this post being accurate. Imagine what would happen to me as the author of this blog, if it turns out that the baby is  named Peter or Oliver? I would lose my position at the top of Google for at least a day or two! My main aim here is to give you as much hard fact as I can and to dispell any gossip from too many people who simply ‘GUESS’ the names and make out that there is hard evidence behind their rash statements – oh dear!!

Please tell me what you think about this gossip channel – we try so hard to get  the truth!!?

Now, if you are the type who has only read this article for the sake of keeping up with the Jones’s status, please don’t go spreading the news about the Royal Baby’s Name being Alexander, Philip, George and Henry … keep it to yourself, then you can look smug when someone attempts to GUESS, but gets it totally wrong!!

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