Universal Skeptic and Cosmic Entrepreneur

Nobody is just one thing or another, we all have a bit of everything buried in our soul.

Being a universal skeptic and cosmic entrepreneur I am wildly enthusiastic about most opportunities with only the occasional doubting dandy-lion in my acre of poppies.

Whenever a new thing, an idea or suggestion escapes from an excited bundle of neurons, I have to give it wings before moving on to the next chemical reaction. That’s me on a normal day, but when the gods are in the wind I have been known to entertain plans from complete strangers offering impossible wealth; a magical business plan to make preposterous money from, say, MY ADVERTISING PAYS

Of course this one is real, not a dream at all. It really works for everyone involved. Internet Advertising for businesses, on line or offline; we all need it to one degree or another (360 for myself!). Please don’t get the idea that I’m scatty or over-the-top when it comes to serious money-making, I can be the doubting Thomas right up to the point just before the alarm bells start ringing in the bank.

The proof of this pudding is in the e-Wallet figures, rising (in my own case) by a factor of 4% EVERY DAY. There seems to be no stopping the greedy (read as ‘sensible’) punters who put on as much spare cash as they can muster because they know it will be multiplied in a cumulative manner every few months of the year!

Don’t believe me?… OK, if you would like to try out some free advertising for your business or affiliate link, just go hereand follow your nose. Don’t be surprised if you like it and get a lot out of your quick (long) fling with this master, money maker.

If it’s the money you’re interested in, simply trust a universal skeptic and cosmic entrepreneur to have checked it out as a five star opportunity. You can’t get better than belong to a system that multiplys your earning potential in a few months or less – and helps you all the way…can you?

Yes, I meant what I said, your earning potential goes up with time (DAILY) as you re-purchase your  advertising packs! Starting off with 4% earnings per day, you can quickly hit the threshold for increasing the rate to 4.25% and then 4.5% PER DAY!!

It’s SO EASY to drive the system; you will be staggered at how quickly you start earning your first few hundred dollars. Cosmic Entrepreneurs don’t mess about with tiddly bits of money, they sniff out the best opportunities, check them out by earning a fortune and THEN (only then) tell you about it as they roam on to find another, green-field treasure. Why not follow your stars to find that ‘one and only’ key to your fortune?


                                          Farewell and good fortune, my cosmic friend!

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